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City of London Police arrest Organised Crime Suspects

Updated: Feb 26

Credit: City of London Police Press Office.

Members of an organised crime group (OCG), suspected of managing the distribution of large quantities of drugs across London, have been arrested following a series of warrants by City of London Police.

On Thursday 3 December 2020, officers from the force’s Central Detective Unit conducted searches at six addresses in Essex and East London, as part of a crackdown on drug-related offences.

Three men and one woman were arrested. Three of them have since been charged with three counts of conspiracy to distribute class A drugs, as well proceeds of crime (POCA) offences.

It is suspected that the OCG were distributing a variety of drugs in large amounts, in particular, chemsex drugs. Chemsex is a term used to describe sex under the influence of psychoactive drugs (particularly mephedrone, GHB, GBL and crystal meth).

Detective Inspector Anne Medlycott, who is leading on the investigation, said:

“The force takes a zero tolerance approach to drugs in the City, so it’s good that we’ve managed to not only disrupt this OCG and their operation, but also seize the drugs and their assets, hitting them where it hurts.

“This OCG specialised in chemsex drugs such as GBL, Mephedrone and Crystal Meth, amongst others. Chemsex drugs can become a destructive influence in people’s lives and lead to serious problems. I would urge anyone who feels that this is becoming an issue, to take control and seek help from dedicated support services or their GP.”

Various items of food delivery-style clothing and paraphernalia were recovered during the warrants, suggesting that the OCG may have been utilising moped deliveries to reduce suspicion and avoid detection.

Officers also recovered an estimated £500k worth of drugs, as well as items commonly used to aid in the preparation and distribution of drugs. They also seized roughly £30k in cash, and another £50k worth of assets.

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