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Gillingham Business Park

Gillingham Business Park won two awards in 2020; They achieved a Silver in the Bloom scheme for the South and South East and a Green Apple Award.

Situated two miles north of Junction 4 of the M2 Gillingham Business Park covers an area of 100 acres. It is close to the UKs links to the continent via the Channel Tunnel (40 minutes away) and Ebbsfleet International Station (15 minutes away). Therefore, to create a place that was attractive to nature and sympathetic to the environment was not easy.

Gillingham Business Park succeeded due to the dedication of the staff and management to improve biodiversity and their decrease environmental footprint.

Gillingham Business Park is a mixture of small to medium industrial units and office facilities. There are some impressive looking corporates facades mixed with smaller units that are home to numerous businesses. However, between the businesses are the homes for animals, birds, insects, and plants.

There have been some notable commitments to achieving their goals including 26% of lighting is LED in the buildings. Battery powered maintenance vehicles and 0% waste to landfill.

There is a vegetable patch which is tended by children from the on-site nursery and an extensive flower planting program which includes 16,000 Snowdrops, 3000 Crocuses, 1000 Bluebells and 1500 square metres of wildflowers.

The infrastructure for nature also includes bug hotels, beehives, and bird boxes. This has led to a 50% increase in nesting birds in 2020 and an additional 5000 bees.

Although the park has done well to be resource for nature it cannot be avoided that it is a successful commercial business and industrial park. So, while it might be a nice thing to do, what are the business benefits of the ecological focus? This was a question we put to Park Manager Andrew Wenzeral.

Mr Wenzal explained that the clients and their customers value the work put into the site. This is reflected in the high levels of occupancy.

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